Grow your business with a great website

Websites are the fundamental digital starting point for your business or idea, even if you are driving your idea on social media a website is still a key point of reference for your potential customers.

Some common website questions:

Is having a website built expensive?

A website does not need to be expensive and can be built to your requirements, they key thing to think about is not the initial cost but any ongoing costs, such as hosting, maintenance, etc.

Does having a website help with Google search?

Yes, Google wants to see that you have a business presence, one of those is having a website, it is part of ticking the SEO boxes and making your digital presence look professional. 

Branding a website?

making sure your business branding extends to your website is important and our team at Clicking can help you with that, your brand can be complex or simple but its message always needs to be simple and easy to understand

Where is my website hosted?

The easy response is where you would like it to be hosted, it can be your own server or on our specially specified cloud server designed to run websites securely and with fast access.

Why do I need a website?

The short answer is that there has never been a more important time to invest in a website for your business as it offers a wide variety of benefits to any business, large or small by creating that professional window to your business.

How easy is it to have an online store?

Having an online store to sell your products or services does not have to be difficult or complicated and is a great way to build your business.

Managing a website?

Managing a website can be easy if it is built and set up correctly, whilst also ensuring it is secure. Our websites can easily be managed by the owner or we have a range of website support packages variable for all budgets. 

Deciding on a website design?

You may have your own design format in mind or are not sure, either way our team can help you with this by either collaborating with your ideas or suggesting others that fit in with your business requirements and style.

How much does a website cost?

A plan for all, if you cant see what you are after in regard to a Chatbot then please get in contact.


From £25 Per month
  • Hosting Included
  • Data Privacy Compliant
  • Dedicated Support
  • Works with all Major Browsers
  • Up to 5 pages


From £50 Per month
  • Hosting Included
  • Up to 5 Email addresses
  • Data Privacy Compliant
  • Dedicated Support
  • Works with all Major Browsers
  • Base SEO completed
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • SSL Certificate Provided


Call For Discussion and Pricing
  • Everything other Packages have
  • Account Manager
  • Custom Builds
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Maintenance Support
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