Bespoke Software

With a Bespoke Software Development plan, you can ensure that your digital application works for the unique needs of your company, rather than simply existing with other platforms

What are the advantages of custom software development?

A bespoke software system is a custom-designed and self-designed software solution that is tailored to meet the customer’s needs and as each company has its unique requirements, so going for a customised software is probably the best way for increasing organisation efficiency and effectiveness.

Some common questions on having bespoke software

Why not use off the shelf?

Off the shelf software can initially be cheaper and quicker to set up than bespoke  software solutions. The issue being they are designed on a blanket approach, something for everyone but not really refined for a real defined need, with either too much or too little functionality which can confuse implementation and slow down the effect the business needs of implementing new software.

IP, Your Intellectual Property

Owning the intellectual property of your software gives your business security and value. After the initial development cost you have no licence fee’s to pay and you control the roadmap of the software and functionality, you are also the legal owner of the software and it becomes part of the value of your business and if it has particular research and development aspects there may be tax breaks available.

Can you scale bespoke software?

Allowing your business to grow is a key part of bespoke software, a bespoke software build eradicates the limitations of an off the shelf software package that may not fit your businesses needs, whereas your bespoke build will be scalable to your businesses requirements. This scalability gives you options to have a few users to thousands without the cost of adding licence seats that off the shelf software requires.

Your Brand

Having a software that is your own and branded as such are key to success, together with the actual functionality your business needs gives you advantages over any competitors you may have, you may even be able to licence your new software to competitors as another income stream and builds your business identity in your market segment. 

How secure is bespoke software?

Having bespoke software developed allows your business to decide on the security levels it requires. Off the shelf software solution are more readily available making them better targets for criminals as the reward is larger as it would not be one business they manage to access. A bespoke system is more difficult to hack and can be built with latest security solutions incorporated and tested to ensure your business is as secure as possible. 


When having bespoke software built, it is you who controls the process allowing you are the one who decides what the solution will look like, what it will do and how it connects. If you have an app idea for example there is always a software system that sits behind it that controls what’s happens and provides the functionality and the app connects to your system. Modern bespoke systems can connect to other systems, websites or anything with a digital interface (API) which takes away any limits you have with your own software connecting to the outside world. 

How much does it cost?

It all depends on what you want you software to do, how it connects and does it need connecting apps, websites or links, get in touch to discuss through and we can give you an estimated cost relatively quickly before a full spec quote is undertaken.

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