Bespoke App Development

Whether you need an app fro your business or you have an idea that requires an app we understand you requirements.

Some common questions on Bespoke App development

What is a bespoke App?

A bespoke developed app is about building and developing a usable app for your business idea or business requirements and is completely unique and owned by the business.

Finding the right App developer?

There are many things to consider, but here are a few key points:

1. Can you work with them?
2. What type of apps have they worked on in the past?
3. How much experience do they have, and can you see some examples of their work?
4. How do you work with their clients/customers? and do they have client references?

What code is my App built in?

Apps can be built in native code but also as a hybrid, native code are developed for a specific platform like iOS or Android and built with coding languages that are officially supported by the platform, which are Java and Kotlin, and Objective-C and Swift for iOS
Hybrid apps are developed with code such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML that are combined together, usually in what developers call a container. They are basically a website put into a native app container so they look and function like a native app.
Both native and hybrid apps can be developed and published through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Are all apps the same?

Each mobile operating system has phones and tablets, which is further broke down by Android and iOS (Apple) and they are not all the same. When you have your app developed thought needs to be put around what it needs to do and on what device.

How much does an App build cost?

Bespoke App development can vary wildly but always be wary of cheap build costs where the specification shave not been agreed in writing. Costs can vary and are determined by the:

  • Size – Number of App screens
  • Functionality – What it does? If its simple cost is lower, if it’s harder, it’s more expensive.
  • User interface (UX) – Is it animated, is it simple
  • Integrations – Does your app need to connect to other systems, etc

Why Clickinon to build a bespoke app?

We have extensive experience in building apps which is backed up by our experience of building software platforms as ultimately whatever app you have it will have some form of software platform behind it to run and supply the functionality and customer engagement you need. 
We do not outsource our App development which gives another level of security around your project I both idea/IP security but also having a direct connection with the development team. 

Bespoke App Development

Is an art where an idea or vision comes to life and requires a team to see and enhance that vision.

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