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Working as a team you can create anything

Who Are We

We are a group of people who believe that creating great tech products should be in the reach of everyone.

Our Mission

To build and support great tech projects be that bespoke software or a website.

What We Do

Structured software development to your requirements that can grow with you and not be unusable in years to come.

Our history

The three of us started in 2012 after many years experience of software development, managing and building mainly booking software applications principally in travel for corporates around the world. But our desire to develop and build our own travel business idea and also use our skillsets  to help businesses develop their ideas be they start ups or a large established business made us create Clickinon.

From that humble beginning where our first project was to build a website we now have various projects and great customers where we are now either further developing, supporting or creating new systems from an airport ancillary service booking tool through to a complete courier system.

The journey has been fun, challenging and rewarding, and sometimes all of those at the same time but we continue to progress, learn and further develop as a business where the three are now 9, which may not sound a lot but its amazing what you can achieve with dedicated people who work as a team both in their business but also with the customer to achieve what is required.

With this approach we not only have clients in the UK, but also Europe and Asia so we have now become exporters in an industry where digital Development seems to be fast becoming an outsourced service.

Our 6-D process



Learn what the customer wants to achieve from their project



Create a roadmap of requirements to achieve teh desired result



Layout the process of how the project will work, including its look and feel



Build, like building a lego model its about following a structure to develop the finished product



Testing, testing and more testing is the key to a clean deployment.



We may have delivered the product but delivery includes further support from the initial stages to support as the product develops and grows. 

Why choose us?

Great projects are made great by a structured process to design, build and deployment using structured code and proprietary frameworks to achieve your goals. 

A project is not just about the development and build, its also about the support process which underpins the whole process, like insurance, you don’t know how good the support is until you need it.

We are interested in your project succeeding, we want you to be a client for many years not just for that time while your project is built, that means it needs to be successful.

We don’t  build on the cheap, so for a system that means Azure hosting, for a software application to be resilient it needs structure so we use Microsoft .Net at every systems core. We apply this thinking to everything we build. 

All our team has had many years developing, managing and deploying tech projects, we may not always say what you want to hear but the aim is to produce a great product. 

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